Education Courses in Commercial Real Estate

Enhance Your Industry Expertise

REALPAC Education courses are for Canadian commercial real estate practitioners who come from a variety of fields within the industry, and include managers, directors, senior executives and analysts. Participants can apply academic theory, practical knowledge and strategic insights to help their organization succeed, while earning continuing education credits, building their networks, and advancing their career.

REALPAC also partners with the Ted Rogers School of Management at Toronto Metropolitan University to offer the Real Property Investment Certificate Program.

Course Descriptions

Accounting for IFRS

Accounting for Real Estate Entities under IFRS online course will provide course participants with a review of REALPAC’s recommendations for the interpretation and application of IFRS for the publicly-accountable real estate investment and development industry.


This course will provide new and existing industry members with the institutional and economic context for commercial real estate investment and development in Canada. This course is not part of the RPIC program.

Low Carbon Fundamentals

The transition towards low carbon real estate assets and portfolios is gaining considerable momentum. It is a new and challenging space that executives from across a range of real estate functions need to understand.


This course will cover the pro forma as your road-map to making informed feasibility decisions on development projects and tracking from commencement to completion.

Asset Management (RPIC)

This course will help attendees learn to manage the numerous and varied issues between owners, consultants, property managers, accountants, tenants, capital markets and regulatory authorities.

Capital Markets (RPIC)

This course will discuss raising capital across the real estate sector including REIT vs. corporate structures, the IPO process, related valuation and performance measurement concepts, and more.

Development (RPIC)

This course takes participants through the feasibility analysis process from beginning to end along with exploring the role of each member of the development team including consultants and the community.

Finance & Investment (RPIC)

This course combines theory and industry practice to help participants examine current topics and emerging issues in the increasingly complex world of real estate finance and investment.

Law (RPIC)

This course will focus on the legal underpinnings of real estate, regulatory controls over real estate, and legal best practice in effecting transactions including purchase and sale, leasing and financing.

Leasing (RPIC)

This course will allow attendees to examine the relationship between strategic leasing, asset values and real estate management.

Lending (RPIC)

The primary objective of this course is to identify and understand the goals and underwriting methods of real estate lending and explain the rationale behind varying structures and approaches.

Sustainability (RPIC)

This course will provide participants with a practical understanding of sustainability standards and frameworks in the context of all major asset classes.

Valuations (RPIC)

This course will provide participants with a practical understanding of valuation methodologies and techniques in all major asset classes and will include real world case studies and valuation modelling exercises.


Real Property Investment Certificate (RPIC)

Offered in partnership with the Ted Rogers School of Management at Toronto Metropolitan University, the Real Property Investment Certificate encompasses all disciplines and offers a unique perspective into the different facets of the commercial real estate industry. Visit to learn more.