Panel Pledge


REALPAC has taken strides to improve the representation of women on speaking panels at industry events and is now calling on the Canadian commercial real estate industry to extend the Panel Pledge to include Black people, Indigenous peoples, and People of Colour.

REALPAC believes that intentional action is required to encourage multiple, diverse perspectives that are representative of our industry workforce and the larger communities we serve. Ensuring the participation of underrepresented* groups in public forums serves to inspire, encourage, and remove barriers to equitable opportunities in the industry. Industry events are an ideal opportunity to demonstrate allyship to underrepresented groups, celebrate their successes, and showcase how multiple, diverse perspectives significantly enhance our businesses, reduce our risk, and support Canadian economic prosperity.

*Diversity is not always visible and underrepresented groups could include those based on gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, age, ethnicity, nationality, cultural heritage (including Indigenous peoples), religion, language, and physical abilities.