IPMS All Buildings Standard Released

The International Property Measurement Standards Coalition launched the IPMS All Buildings standard on January 15, 2023.

The International Property Measurement Standards (IPMS) All Buildings standard supersedes all previously published IPMSC standards for individual asset classes by utilising the concepts and objectives contained in those specific versions of IPMS into one harmonised standard. IPMS All Buildings is applicable to all types of buildings independent of their use or their occupation. IPMS All Buildings is not retrospective but rather forward guidance, and measurements based on the earlier standards are still supported by the IPMS standards.  Existing current national measurement practices, which rely on IPMS, will be revised in due course to be compliant.

Published by a coalition of 88 property organizations, including REALPAC, representing hundreds of thousands of property professionals globally and drafted by an independent group of 18 experts from 11 countries, the IPMS All Buildings is a global open-source standard aimed at creating a uniform approach to measuring buildings.

To access the IPMS All Buildings, click here.

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